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If you have an Apple AirTag or mobile device, then there are major updates you should look out for. AirTag is getting new improvements in “Lost Mode” as iOS 14.6 has been released.

AirTag Gets “Lost Mode” Security Update

AirTag is currently one of the best tracking devices available in the market, primarily because of its Precision Finding system that accurately reports its location, down to the last few inches, to a registered Apple device.

Apple is adding in supporting features to their tracking device on “Lost Mode.” The new update now lets you add an email address or phone number where another person could contact you to return your AirTag.

In a situation where you lost your keys, but luckily, it was attached to an AirTag, you could open up your Find My app from another Apple device and register the AirTag into Lost Mode. The next person who is using an Apple device and happens to find your key would automatically receive the Lost Mode notification. The new feature now includes a message with your phone number or email address on it.

9to5mac reported that if you do not like setting up your phone number for strangers to text you with, you could register your email address instead. Note that currently, Lost Mode does not display you phone number and email address combined. So you need to pick only one of the options to register for Lost Mode.

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How to Install iPhone iOS 14.6

As mentioned, Apple is bringing out the iOS 14.6 update. While the update only introduces some minor changes when compared to iOS 14.5, it has its fair share of interesting new features, including the email address or phone number notification mentioned above.

Arstechnica shared that iOS 14.6 should include the special audio with Dolby Atmos. Meaning, iPhones, iPads or iPods who have the update could now listen to Lossless Streaming Audio formants. To learn more about this immersive music experience, and how to install it, you can try checking out this article.

The iOS 14.6 should now be available in the internet for you to download. You could download the latest iOS or iPadOS wirelessly by following these steps:

  •  Plug your device to your charger. If your iPhone runs out of battery before the update is complete, some files might get corrupted.
  •  Connect to the Internet with Wi-Fi
  •  Go to “Settings” and “General” and select “Software Update.”
  •  Select “Download and Install.” You will then see a message indicator that says it will temporarily remove apps duing the software update. Select “Continue.” iOS or iPadOS generally reinstall all apps removed during updates.
  •  Select “Update Now” and “Install.” The update could take a few minutes or hours, depending on your internet connection. To avoid the inconvenience, you can also choose to “Install Tonight.” Remember to plug in your phone before sleeping!
  •  Enter your Pass code to complete the process.

Congratulations, your iPhone, iPad, or iPod device should now be running the new iOS 14.6!

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