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LAURINBURG — Those applying for jobs online should be wary about potential scams.

According to a report from the Laurinburg Police Department, a 39-year-old female of South Pine Street reported that she had applied for a job on and was redirected to a male who identified himself as Thomas Sumner.

Sumner then informed the woman that she needed to obtain gift cards from Walmart, CVS or Best Buy for $2,000 on each and send them.

The victim questioned this and asked to speak to his supervisor when the phone call was disconnected. The victim did not send any more informatiuon, but did provide personal information when applying for the believed job.

The victim has contacted the identity theft program and has initiated protection.

Other scams that have been happening in the area include calls from Spectrum telling people they owe money, but the caller isn’t actually from Spectrum. Law enforcement encourages people to call a number they know is with the company before making any payment via a phone call.

Sheriff Ralph Kersey posted on Facebook about another scam that was starting to be reported. The scam was that text messages and emails from people they know requesting money in the form of gift cards.

“We encourage our citizens to be mindful of this scam,” Kersey said. “Usually the “sender” has no knowledge that anything has been sent from their account or that their account has been hacked. We ask that you be mindful of the scam and take requests for money lightly no matter who it is from. Remember, if the recipient requests money to be received via gift card, it is most likely a scam.”

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