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Anonymous has leaked 3 million Russian emails and documents since the invasion of Ukraine. (Credits: Getty)

Vigilante hacker collective Anonymous is at it again, leaking 250,000 emails from Russia’s Department of Education.

The latest trove brings the number of exposed Russian emails and documents since the invasion of Ukraine to a staggering 3 million.

Of these, over 2.25 million are from the Russian government.

The emails, originating from Russia’s Department of Education, have been published on Distributed Denial of Secrets (DDoSecrets), a journalistic organisation which has made the 221 GB email cache available to the public as a torrent file.

‘#DDoSecrets has now published over 3 million Russian emails and documents since the invasion of Ukraine – over 2.25 million of them from the Russian government,’ said Emma Best, co-founder of DDoSecrets in a tweet.

Anonymous is known for collaborating with DDoSecrets, a small group of mostly US-based journalists and activists, in publishing Russian documents retrieved from its numerous hacks.

‘Another hack targeting Russia,’ tweeted the group yesterday.

It’s been a month since the group declared ‘cyber war’ on Russia over its invasion of Ukraine and the hacktivist collective is showing no signs of slowing down.

In fact, the hackers have vowed to continue until ‘Russia stops their aggression’.

Notably, Anonymous does not have a leader but is a decentralised group of hackers from around the world and, at the moment, their target is Putin’s regime in Russia.

‘Anonymous answers to no one, we take no donations and we are not affiliated with any political party or government agency. Our team consists solely of volunteers,’ tweeted the collective yesterday.

Last week, hackers affiliated to Anonymous leaked over 900,000 emails from Russia’s largest media corporation.

Anonymous has so far hacked into Russia’s defence agency, central bank, state-run media arm and even its space agency.

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