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Anonymous attacked a Chinese education website. Anonymous, a decentralized international hacktivist collective founded in 2003, attacked a website in the Chinese educational system. On Saturday, it conducted a cyberattack on the Jiangsu Education network, under the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China. According to the group, it was to commemorate the Tiananmen Square Massacre.

The hacktivist group put out an HTML page on their platform which included elements like Taiwan’s emblem, a video on the Tiananmen Square massacre, and images of Tank Man among other elements. Words such as “Taiwan Numbah Wan” were also seen on the platform.

The hacktivist group put out an HTML page on their platform which included elements like Taiwan’s emblem, a video on the Tiananmen Square massacre, and images of Tank Man

The Chinese firewall was quick to react, as soon after the educational website was published with hacked content, it was taken out of the internet. Still, Anonymous were able to save a version of the page on a platform named Ghost Archive.

In the archives of the page, the first image that is visible is the famous logo of the Anonymous Collective, and following that is a meme with the wording – ‘Taiwan Numbah Wan!’.  ‘Taiwan Numbah Wan!’ is a dialogue mouthed by a gamer in 2015 in a  game of H1Z1.

Taiwan’s national flag and national emblem are also seen below the meme. There is also a message from the Anonymous collective that they are taking a short break from covering the Ukraine Situation to remember the Tiananmen Massacre.

A music video named ‘Fragile’ which was sung by Malaysian rapper Namevee and Taiwan – based Australian singer Kimberley Chen, has also been embedded on the page. A famous video of the Tiananmen Massacre by a YouTube channel called Simple History is shown soon after the music video block.

The collective has also inserted four meme images of the famous tank man from the Tiananmen massacre who stood in the form of 4 tanks from the Chinese military when they were leaving Tiananmen Square in Beijing on June 5th 1989. The unidentified man stood resolutely in front of the tanks and was never heard of again in any public media. It was one of the most famous and striking images from the Tiananmen Massacre.

Tank Man photo

Tank Man Photo = Anonymous









An image of Dr John Cheng, who risked his own life to save others in a gin shooting incident at a Taiwanese church congregation, was also displayed on the hacked page of the website under the Chinese Education Department.

The hacktivist group also criticised the US Customs and Birder Protection force for “being nitpicky and voyeuristic at the border” The incident of a school shooting that happened in Uvalde, Texas was also mentioned by the group.

This attack comes at a time when the Russian Invasion of Ukraine is happening and the Anonymous group has completely rejected it. Anonymous has also warned the Chinese government of cyber-attacks if they decide to invade Taiwan.

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