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It’s no easy task to keep an operating system secure, especially one as widespread as Android. Adrian Ludwig has served as the Director of Android Security since 2011, but now he’s jumping to another part of the Google mothership – Nest.

Ludwig announced on his Google+ account that he has become Nest’s new Director of Security and Privacy. He wrote, “Security and privacy are critical for Nest’s products and users, and I’m thrilled to have the chance to help Nest build great user experiences and provide a guiding light as the entire IoT industry focuses attention on these issues.”

‘Internet of Things’ devices are often targets for malware attacks, so it makes sense that Google would place a priority on making sure Nest’s cameras and other products are secure. In October 2016, the ‘Mirai’ malware spread to thousands of IoT devices, and was used to trigger DDoS attacks against DNS hosts and major websites.


Dave Kleidermacher will be replacing Adrian at Google. He formerly worked as the Chief Security Officer at BlackBerry, but left in 2017 when he was hired by Google. He now serves as the Head of Security for Android, Chrome OS, and Google Play.


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