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Android users and iPhone owners are commonly compared in various aspects. Most of the time, iOS users get the upper hand since their devices are more expensive and offer more advanced features. 

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A man talks on a mobile phone while driving in traffic on June 24, 2003 in London, England. The government has announced plans for a ban on talking on hand-held mobile phones while driving; this will go into effect by the end of the year.

However, there are some things where Android consumers are better than iOS users. This is what a new study revealed after discovering that non-iPhone consumers are better drivers compared to their counterparts. 

Now, here’s what Jerry, a life insurance comparison firm, revealed after conducting its latest Android vs. iPhone driving survey. 

Android Users Better Drivers Than iOS Owners? 

According to Phone Arena’s latest report, Jerry surveyed around 20,000 drivers. The life insurance company observed their driving behaviors and discovered that Android users have safer driving habits compared to iOS owners. 

Android Users Better Drivers Than iOS Owners? Study Claims Non-iPhone Users Dominate in All Safe-Driving Categories

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A driver uses a phone while behind the wheel of a car on April 30, 2016 in New York City. As accidents involving drivers using phones or other personal devices mount across the country, New York lawmakers have proposed a new test called the Textalyzer to help curb mobile phone usage behind the wheel. Similar to a Breathalyzer test.

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“When it comes to safe driving, Android users outperformed their iPhone-carrying counterparts at every turn and stoplight,” said Jerry via its official blog post. 

One of the major reasons why Android owners are better drivers is because they are less distracted. Jerry claimed that iPhone users tend to use their devices most of the time, even when they are driving. 

This is quite the opposite with Android users. Thanks to this behavior, non-iOS consumers tend to focus on the road when they are driving.  

Android Users Dominate All Safe-Driving Categories

Based on the latest study by Jerry, Android smartphone users dominated all the safe-driving categories. Regarding overall safe-driving score, non-iOS owners have 75 scores while iPhone users only achieved 69. 

Aside from this, Android consumers were also able to get the upper hand when it comes to braking, accelerating, turning, speed, and especially distraction. 

The life insurance comparison firm also stated that despite age, educational attainment, credit rating, marital status, and other strong predictors of self-driving scores, Android owners are still better drivers. 

Meanwhile, Google’s Android call recording app deletion plan will soon happen. 

Recently, a new Apple Audio Codec security flaw was discovered to put Android users at risk as well.

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