Android 12 Starts Rolling Out To OnePlus Nord With OxygenOS 12 | #android | #security

The OnePlus Nord is now getting an Android 12 update, while OxygenOS 12 comes installed on top of it. This update comes shortly after the third Android 12 beta build rolled out to the device. That build was quite stable, so… there you go.

Android 12 has started rolling out to the OnePlus Nord, it’s coming in stages

As per usual, this update is rolling out in stages. In other words, not everyone will get it straight away, some of you may have to wait a bit. The update itself weighs around 4GB.

The update is currently rolling out to Indian units of the OnePlus Nord. The European models will start getting it soon, as soon as it has been validated. OnePlus is awaiting some validations, according to a post on the OnePlus Forums.

To be completely clear, this is essentially OxygenOS 12.1 that you’re getting here. The variant with a number of improvements in comparison to the base OxygenOS 12 release. Android security patch for April 2022 is also included here.

Needless to say, the changelog for this release is quite long, and only OnePlus-specific changes are mentioned here. You’re getting all the major benefits from Android 12 in general, though, of course.

This update makes a number of changes to OxygenOS

This update will make a number of OxygenOS-related changes, though. You’ll get a considerably different UI, as OxygenOS 12 resembles ColorOS quite a bit more than OxygenOS 11.

This update will also add Smart Battery Engine, which should improve battery life on the device. You also get three adjustable levels of Dark mode. That way, you’ll be able to set it to look just right for your needs.

New OnePlus Shelf options for Cards have been added, and the whole Shelf UI now looks better. The OnePlus Scout feature has been added to the Shelf, making it more useful.

The OnePlus Gallery has been improved. You can now switch between different layouts with a two finger pinch gesture. Though that’s only one of the changes, the app is now more intelligent as well.

AOD (Always On Display’ has seen some improvements, as more styles of lines and colors have been added. The company also added multiple brushes and strokes, and support for color adjustment. More changes have been implemented.

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