Android 12 DP1: Lockscreen readies redesign w/ larger clock | #Adroid | #security

Our latest discovery in Android 12 shows that Google is working on a significant redesign of the lockscreen, including a much larger clock.

Ahead of the launch of Android 12 Developer Preview, leaked design mockups suggested we may see a significant redesign of the OS. On the surface, only a handful of things seems to have changed, but below the surface, our Dylan Roussel has uncovered and enabled quite a few changes that Google has not yet decided to launch.

The latest of these is a revamp of the Android 12 lockscreen, the most obvious change for which is that the clock is significantly larger, using two separate lines with the hour above the minutes. When notifications are visible, the clock moves off to the upper right just above your notifications.

Meanwhile, the date and weather have also gotten a tweak, with the date appearing as a separate line above the current weather. Instead of sitting in the center below the time, these two now appear in the upper left, opposite the clock.

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