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Dave Seibert: An Exemplary Leader with a Compassionate and Innovative Business Approach

by Analytics Insight

April 25, 2022

IT Innovators is 25-year-old security and managed services provider (MSP). For many businesses, this company leverages its expertise to create, lead, and manage its technology roadmap. IT Innovators fulfills its services as an extension of the client’s company, either as the client’s outsourced IT department or alongside the client’s IT department with co-manage abilities. The potential of IT innovators includes security, compliance, user support, network operations, disaster preparedness, incident response, field support, cloud, applications, and CIO direction and guidance for the entire business or organization.

IT Innovators and its team have over 150 years of combined experience. The CIO and company have been recognized with over 40 industry awards and accreditations including Top 20 US Industry Visionaries, Top 50 US Channel Influencers, Top 150 Global IT Influencers, 100 Most Visible Channel Leaders, Top 250 Managed Services Experts, Microsoft MVP technical award, Top 10 Chief Information Security Officer, and Imagine Cup International Judge for innovation. IT Innovators’ achievements demonstrate its abilities, and it leverages them to modernize the business.


A Veteran Technologist with Far-Sighted Goals 

The CIO of IT Innovators, Dave Seibert has 45-years of technology and leadership experience. He is a 25-year solution provider. His leadership has advanced IT Innovators as a market leaders. Dave is a sought-after speaker for keynotes and conferences. His unique approach and innovations earned him 1 of 4 Microsoft Global Influencers in the U.S., presenting for the US Small Business Administration (SBA), United Way, and other organizations on business technology transformation and advancement.


Gaining Life Lessons from Pioneers and Enthusiasts 

Dave reveals that he was fortunate to meet technology leaders like Larry Ellison (Oracle), Bill Gates (Microsoft), and Steve Jobs (Apple) early in his career. He highlights that they are the pioneers that lead technology evolution and many of their creations are leveraged in today’s advancing solutions. They were business role models that helped foster his vision of technology, to understand what is possible, and how he should approach business challenges. Dave’s strategy is to combine his values and knowledge to help other businesses to better succeed and to be competitive as market leaders. However, he also mentions that he was not always a CIO. He quickly advanced his career through positions with national IT field organizations, IT service companies, entrepreneur startups, and Fortune 50 and Fortune 100 enterprise companies.


Bequeathing Changes with Business Acumen

According to Dave, the key challenge of a leading technologist is that the industry is always changing and fast-paced. To remain relevant, one needs to always be learning, staying abreast of broad technologies, and staying positioned as a thought leader. He highlights that this was an early challenge and still remains a challenge even today as a leading CIO. In his opinion, it’s important to learn to embrace change as each day brings change and innovations. Dave says, “As you mature as an experienced CIO, you learn not to implement change just because it changed. Rather, you learn to balance change with business acumen.”


‘Flexibility and Agility’ as Catalysts to Growth

Dave believes in the concept of the leader being business flexible and agile. He advises the leaders to express their leadership as they communicate with all levels from the Board of Directors to the company’s end-point users. The leaders should remember that a great leader first listens to input and recommendations and then determines and executes the best strategic direction. He also asks the leaders to surround themselves with other successful leaders, apply their uniqueness and ethics, and then provide their leadership to help the business and its staff for better success.


Denting the Trading Objectives with a ‘Client-First’ Approach

Dave reveals that the team of IT Innovators meets with the client’s executive management routinely. During these client Executive Briefing Reviews, the company gets a better grasp of its business direction and goals. With this insight, they leverage their solution and product knowledge to develop a roadmap for clients. He highlights that by meeting and surpassing business objectives, IT Innovators appeals to its target audience. This is how the company further establishes the desired outcomes and milestones together.


Disruptive Technologies as a Trigger to Limitless Opportunities

Dave states he is confident that the advancements in AI, IoT, Big Data, and Cybersecurity will continue to accelerate and will also improve upon how the company innovates and implements new solutions. He suggests considering a pyramid design where these technologies are on top. For him, what is more, important is the company’s applications and infrastructure forming the base. He remembers that the base includes the core fundamentals, so he advises establishing the basics first and then implementing them well. Dave is sure in his calculations that this will provide the strong and needed foundation to the layer on these disruptive technologies. Following this, the model will help to provide greater integration and success as your technology broadens in its complexity.


A Roadmap to the Future

Dave remarks, “Our business name says a lot – IT Innovators.” He thinks that to remain relevant and business useful, it is important to continue to innovate and these innovations must be applied to meet business needs and goals. He is confident that IT Innovators has established itself as a market leader because it understands how to combine future innovations with business needs to produce positive business outcomes. Dave also believes that leveraging future technology creates a successful modern workplace.


Coping Up with Conversions, a Must for Leaders

Dave advises emerging leaders to embrace changes. As a business technology leader, one should constantly balance change with business goals and growth. He also wants to emphasize that all change has an internal and business cost, therefore, it is ideal to be strategic versus disruptive to operational departments and the business overall. It is also imperative to understand the abilities, strengths, and limits of the company teams. Dave further reveals that while many tasks can be managed by internal staff, it can be very beneficial and cost-effective to leverage outside expertise. For instance, where the staff might encounter a major challenge for the first time or need to learn to migrate just once or remediate from a cyberattack for the first time. He believes that these can all be time exhaustive and costly. An outsourced IT provider has handled these situations many times and for many other companies. The result of their experience is time savings, and best practices, and it is addressed correctly the first time.

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