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Amouranth – what will she be banned from next? (pic: Twitter)

Controversial Twitch star Amouranth has already had her Discord account hacked this year and now even her Just Dance name has been attacked.

At this point you’d think Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa had run out of platforms to be banned from, but we’re not even a week into the new year and already she’s had her Discord and Just Dance accounts hacked.

The Discord hack led to a number of Amouranth’s fans being temporarily banned from the service, but the hackers of her Just Dance account changed her name to something that wasn’t allowed by the game’s terms and conditions – which ended up getting her banned.

‘This is the second of my platforms that’s been hacked this year… and we’re only three days in,’ said Amouranth on Twitter, which she is currently not banned from.

Amouranth has speculated that the Just Dance hack was made possible by a large scale data breach at Ubisoft last year, although at the time Ubisoft insisted that account details had not been stolen.

Either way, she’s asking for people to help getting her account back, as she’s upset that she may have lost all her high score data.

Given how many times it’s happened lately, it seems obvious that Amouranth is being targeted on all her platforms, with her ban from Instagram the result of an organised campaign by trolls.

That means Just Dance being hacked is unlikely to be the final disruption she suffers this year, especially as she’s only recently been announced as one of the first stars on Playboy’s OnlyFans rival Centerfold.

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