All-in-one Conferencing Solutions Streamline Communications | #cybersecurity | #conferences

For the past few years, many AV/IT industry manufacturers and solution providers had already been developing and delivering products to enable the Bring Your Own Device, and Meeting trend. And the timing could not have been more fortuitous. As companies retrofit and design additional meeting room spaces to accommodate the needs of a hybrid workforce, more than ever before AV/IT managers are seeking solutions that are easy to deploy, manage, monitor, and perhaps most important—easy to use. 

From presentation and videoconferencing systems, to compact room control, to displays with advanced features built-in, today’s “all-in-one” solutions are replacing multiple black boxes. Meeting room systems that used to require several cables on the table now have one, or none. Workers are able to walk into a meeting space with their device of choice and easily connect and begin work.

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