Alert: Fake Windows 11 download page installs malware on your PC | #microsoft | #hacking | #cybersecurity

Hackers are using a fake Windows 11 download page to get malware onto unsuspecting users’ computers. If downloaded, said malware will steal browser data, cryptocurrency wallets and more. This campaign is targeted at folks whose PCs fail to meet Microsoft’s stringent Windows 11 hardware requirements.

As Bleeping Computer (via TechRadar) reports, the fake Windows 11 download page has official Microsoft logos, favicons and a “Download Now” button. It looks legitimate at first glance, but the URL (which we won’t post here) reveals the site as fraudulent. If you click on the download button, you’ll get an ISO file that contains the malware. Threat researchers at CloudSEK shared a technical report detailing how the malware works with Bleeping Computer.

The malware in question, known as “Inno Stealer,” can bypass Windows Defender anti-virus and uninstall security applications. Once on your PC, Inno Stealer steals data from browsers like Chrome and Edge, and data from cryptocurrency wallets. The stolen data then gets sent to the people who originally created the malware.

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While this piece of malware is certainly dangerous, it’s easily avoidable. As we said, the URL is a dead giveaway that the download page isn’t a genuine Microsoft page. If you’re currently running Windows 10 and have a PC that can run Windows 11, you can download and install Microsoft’s latest operating system directly from Windows Upgrade on your computer. You can also go to Microsoft’s website to download Windows 11.

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