Ajax Systems Special Event 2021 heralds advent of “new security masterpieces” | #infosec | #hacker | #hacking

On this occasion, the online show will be broadcasted in 13 languages: English, Spanish, Italian, Turkish, French, German, Dutch, Arabic, Portuguese, Polish, Romanian, Ukrainian and Russian, with viewers able to choose their preferred language before the presentation starts.

This is the second Special Event orchestrated by Ajax Systems. Last year, the company presented a vast of new system features ranging from two-factor authentication through to the much sought-after data import functionality from one hub to another. 

In addition, the Ajax System team introduced the new Hub 2 Plus with LTE support as well as the Multi-Transmitter, a module for the renovation of old wired alarms which allows the integration of wired detectors into the Ajax system with control initiated via the app.

*The 2021 Ajax Systems Special Event is free to view. Interested parties are invited to register using this link

*To check out the full list of devices and features showcased on Ajax Systems’ 2020 Special Event watch the event recording

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