AirTag bonanza! Apple’s tracker gets big discounts in Prime Day sale | #cybersecurity | #cyberattack

Not even Apple’s handy AirTag can escape the price cuts of Amazon Prime Day, with the tracker seeing a 5% discount, a pack of four now $14 off, and plenty more!

Right now, you can grab the AirTag for $27 (opens in new tab), a four-pack for $84 (opens in new tab), and even a fancy Leather Key Ring case for $19 (opens in new tab) — that’s down from a pricey $35. It isn’t every day we see Apple’s tracker get these price cuts, no matter how small they are. If you fancy keeping tabs on your items, don’t miss out on this bundle of deals. 

Apple’s AirTag is small and lightweight and works well whether your lost item is somewhere close in the house or waiting for you to return to the coffee shop. It’s all thanks to the help of the wider Apple community. 

In our Apple AirTag review, we said it stands out as an excellent first effort. Small, lightweight, and attractively designed, the AirTags not only help locate lost things nearby or over a long distance, but the Ultra-Wide Band technology makes it easy, precise, and a little fun.

Its IP67 rating means it can stand up to dust, rain, and the occasional swim. And as is the case with other Apple products, the company put a lot of effort into the software, which not only shows lost items on a map but can also garner the help of crowds to anonymously find tagged items.

For more of the best Apple Prime Day deals, we’ve got you covered. 

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