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Enterprise Security Magazine | Monday, May 24, 2021

Companies are using email encryption to secure sensitive information within emails due to the increasing cyberattacks.

FREMONT,CA: Every day, businesses worldwide use email to interact, both internally and externally, by frequently sending email messages or attachments containing valuable and sensitive data, due to which having email security can be hugely beneficial. When applied correctly, the best email encryption secures email content, guaranteeing that it is only available to the intended recipients.

When the emails are left unencrypted malicious actors like hackers and cybercriminals can detect those to read and exploit through phishing. Unencrypted emails can make valuable information within it vulnerable.

In today’s digital world, where email systems are among the most popular attack vectors used by criminals, cybersecurity has become the primary concern for every business. As a result, most companies choose to integrate advanced email security systems into their current email architecture.

Theft of sensitive data through email can cause severe damage to a business, even jeopardizing its capability to interact with customers securely, peers, investors, employees, and others. But with solid encryption, this data can be secured with email security. To avoid email threats and fully secure the email accounts, it is critical to use reliable encryption strategies and solutions. 

Here are the top benefits of email security systems that any organization can use.

Cost Efficiency

Email encryptions provide unparalleled security for private user data and even offer other economic advantages. Email providers and platforms that enable the smooth integration of encryption tools through their servers prevent users from purchasing additional network equipment or hardware. Trusted third-party servers are frequently far less expensive than individual servers, which are mostly unnecessary.

Protect Secret Information

One significant advantage of having email security in place is to secure sensitive information. Every business, irrespective of industry, wants to keep valuable company data private. From intellectual property to financial records, top-secret company information, and trade secrets, email encryption secures information that must remain private, preventing it from falling into the hands of unauthorized parties.

Nullify Message Replay Possibilities

Email encryption can also assist users in avoiding message replay attacks, which occur when a malicious actor intercepts a secure network communication and either fraudulently delays or resends the message to deceive the receiver into carrying out the attacker’s objective. Messages without encryption can possibly be saved, modified, and resend by malicious parties. To minimize the risk of message replay, encryption services use expiration times or timestamps, spontaneous session keys, and one-time passwords that are instantly disposed of. 

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