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The country’s cybersecurity chief says there’s been an increase in cyber attacks by anti-UAE activists, with the country’s financial sector being targeted.

A couple look at a picture on a mobile phone as the sun sets over the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Friday, May 18, 2018.

The United Arab Emirates has been the
target of cyber attacks after establishing formal ties with

“Our relationship, for example, with the normalisation with Israel really opened a whole huge attacks from some other activists against the UAE,” the Gulf Arab state’s cyber security head, Mohamed Hamad al-Kuwaiti, said during
an onstage interview at a conference in Dubai on Sunday.

The UAE in August broke with decades of Arab policy when it agreed to forge ties with Israel in a move that angered Palestinians and some Muslim states and communities. 

Bahrain and Sudan have followed suit.

Al-Kuwaiti said the financial sector was targeted but did not

He did not say if any of the attacks were successful
or provide details on who the perpetrators were.

He also told the conference that the number of cyber attacks
in the UAE increased sharply after the start of the coronavirus

Al-Kuwaiti said traditionally many attacks in the region
originate from Iran, without specifying who is behind them.

Iran has also said that it has been a victim of hacking.

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