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In what could be a second data breach at technology company Acer this year, a hacker group has claimed it has accessed over 60GB of data from its India servers. Desorden, the group, claimed the data includes individual customer information, corporate customer data, information of sensitive accounts, and financial data. It added the breach gives it access to over 3,000 login detail sets of Acer’s retailers and distributors in India.

“We have hacked and breached Acer India servers ( We have stolen over 60GB of files and databases from their servers. This include their customer, corporate, accounts and financial data. Affected customer data are in the millions,” said Desorden on a popular hacker forum. Desorden added the data sets published so far do not include emails. “More data will be published.”

HT has reached out to Acer for a comment on the claims. The copy will be updated once a response is received.

Desorden said the affected users are mostly from India. It added Acer management will be able to verify the data to prove the authenticity of the breach.

Researchers at Privacy Affairs said they have analysed the data sets publicly released. “We have found customer data that appears to be accurate and genuine after contacting multiple affected individuals from the released data,” said Miklos Zoltan, Founder, and CEO of Privacy Affairs, a data privacy and cybersecurity research firm.

In March, a ransomware attack by the REvil group led to a data breach at Acer, with the demands for a ransom of $50,000,000. It was the biggest ransom demand till then. Acer initially denied any breach at its servers.

It is unclear if Desorden is also demanding a ransom. Desorden, in a recent ransomware attack, accessed over 200 GB data from the Malaysian servers of ABX Express, a subsidiary of Kerry Logistics.

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