Accused Niraj Bishnoi harmed himself twice in custody, was a habitual hacker | #computerhacking | #hacking

The Bulli Bai accused, Niraj Bishnoi who was arrested by the Delhi Police for allegedly offering Muslim women on the internet, has tried to harm himself twice while being in police custody. It is also reported that he was habitual of hacking, defacing the websites and learning the same since he was 15. During interrogation, Bishnoi also accepted to have hacked various websites of schools and universities of India as well as of Pakistan.

DCP (IFSO) KPS Malhotra informed Niraj Bishnoi has an inclination towards a gaming character of Japan animation namely GIYU. “He had created various Twitter handles using the word GIYU. He had created the account with the word GIYU, through which he had challenged the law enforcement agencies to nab him”, he added.

Niraj Bishnoi had no links with any Hindu organisations: Police

The Bulli Bai case was transferred to the Intelligence Fusion and Strategic Operation (IFSO) unit of special cell yesterday who interrogated Bishnoi for uploading the photographs of hundreds of Muslim women without their consent for a virtual ‘auction’. The Delhi Police has also revealed that Niraj Bishnoi’s intention behind developing the derogatory app was purely to get publicity and make an identity of his own.

It was reported earlier that Niraj Bishnoi has no links with any Hindu organisations. Rahul Shivshankar in his Tweet on January 6 quoted Mumbai police as saying that with the arrest of ‘mastermind’ from Jorhat, the case has been solved ‘completely’. The ‘mastermind’ has no links to saffron groups, confirmed the Times Now journalist.

Reports suggest that Bishnoi’s parents had no idea about Niraj’s activities and were shocked to know the crime only when the police arrested him. Neeraj had received a free laptop from the Assam government under a scheme to encourage students who scored high marks in their Class 10 examination.

“He remained glued to the device and was practically locked inside his room since the first COVID lockdown in March 2020. When Niraj was in Class 11 and 12 at Nkem Science Academy, his laptop was seized by the school principal several times. I had to go to the academy many times to get the laptop back. I don’t know what he used to do with it,” Dasrath Bishnoi was quoted in a report.

Three other suspects were previously apprehended by Mumbai police in the case. Bishnoi had criticised the Mumbai police for arresting the other suspect whom he claimed were innocent. Bishnoi disclosed during his interrogation that he created the ‘Bulli Bai’ app on Github as well as the @bullibai_Twitter handle and others too.

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