Accessibility/Full Disk Access/Input monitoring settings vanished with 12.3.1? Unable to re-establish | #macos | #macsecurity

Title says it all…. since updating all my ‘accessibility’, ‘input monitoring’ and ‘full disk access’ settings are blank, so I keep receiving nags from pieces of software saying they need access. Virus scanner won’t work, wacom tablet, default folder x etc…. Anybody else experiencing the same? Its impossible for me to add them back, I follow the procedure that worked before, but the window remains blank even when I go through each step to add an app, it seems to work but they don’t get added….. Ive tried rebooting, I’ve tried logging in with an admin account or a user account, no difference.

System preferences -> Security & Privacy -> Privacy. Totally blank in ‘full disk access’, ‘accessibility’ and ‘input monitoring’. All the other options are populated as normal.


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