Abilene ISD’s Hartford Center now a vital piece of education community | #education | #technology | #training

It’s an old place. It has been a part of the Abilene Independent School District for decades.

But the building formerly known as Reagan Elementary has a new purpose, and its new occupants are looking to make the most out of what’s available.

The former school building on Hartford Street in west Abilene, now renamed to reflect its address as the Hartford Center, is the district’s home for all things related to professional development.

Gone are the cafeteria and gymnasium. They’re now large-capacity conference rooms, where teachers can come for their learning needs.

“The district has needed its own dedicated space for this,” said Ketta Garduno, associate superintendent for curriculum and instruction. “In the past, we’d ended up farming out to other buildings in the district. This gives us our own dedicated space.”

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