A new report claims Pixel 6 sales are taking a back seat to the Galaxy S22 | #android | #security

What you need to know

  • A new report claims that the Pixel 6 “isn’t doing well” with carriers.
  • The report suggests that Google has is attempting to use “very high” kickbacks for sales staff.
  • This comes despite Google’s record-breaking Pixel sales in Q4 2021.

It’s no secret that Google has struggled to maintain the same level of reliable software releases with the Pixel 6 series. The phones have experienced a bevy of bugs that render different key features practically useless until another software update is pushed. But a new report claims that Google is taking measures to improve carrier sales of its latest devices.

The report comes from Wave7 Research (via PCMag), and states that carrier sales of the Pixel 6 are in such bad shape that “Google has resorted to “spiffs” to juice up Pixel sales at Verizon.” For the unaware, “spiffs” are essentially higher commission levels for salespeople that are designed to have a phone recommended over something else. It’s not an uncommon practice, as these spiffs can also be thought of as a bonus if you were to sell a specific type of phone over another, and has been around for years with pretty much every commission-based job.

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