A citizen’s open letter chastises both Modi and Mamata but finds Modi more guilty of the two | #socialmedia

I do not claim to be a well informed man. But the limited information that I have, suggests that rarely, if ever, have leaders of the opposition or even the Governor for that matter, have been part of review meetings held after each major natural disaster.

People would not be wrong to assume that the invitation to Shuvendu Adhikari was driven more by the desire and design to provoke the West Bengal chief minister. It was a cheap gimmick which has not added inches to your height or width. Rather it has only further dwarfed the PM’s image or whatever is left of it.

Those who created an avoidable controversy by hastily inviting a dubious guest to the high table will now possibly repent at leisure.

I seek your forgiveness for doing some plain speaking. I know that the offices occupied by you are not programmed to hear the bitter truth and my unsolicited advice may well be ignored. But as they say, you cannot shake hands with a clenched fist. Both of you need to stop behaving like petulant children or juvenile delinquents in the interest of the people.

Truly yours

A citizen and a well wisher

(The writer is an independent commentator. Views are personal)

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