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We are no strangers to the digital world, but the times have us glued to our screens way more than usual. Read on to discover how you can beat screen-induced fatigue!

The global pandemic that hit us a year and a half back is still rampaging in our country, forcing us to stay inside as much as possible. Safety concerns led to all aspects of our life shifting to our homes, and working from home has had its pros and cons. We are sure your countless Zoom meetings, endless college assignments or even virtual school classrooms have significantly increased your daily average screen time, and contributed to stress in more ways than one.

How does staring at a screen affect you?

The lifestyle that we are forced into will not be able to thrive without our digital devices and the virtual world, so staring at a screen is unfortunately unavoidable. The prolonged screen times have taken a toll on us, and have caused the following major issues among many other.

1. The blue and UV lights from your screens can cause retinal damage. These rays reach the back of the retina and damage the light-sensitive cells leading to difficulty in vision over a period of time.

2. The blue lights can cause noticeable strain on your eyes. Do your eyes feel heavy and tired after a long day of sitting in front of your laptop? That has a term – it is digital eye strain, and it is caused because the bright blue lights decrease contrast. It leads to dry eyes, irritation, redness, blurry vision, headaches, migraines and more.

3. The blue light can lead to difficulty falling asleep. You have heard this many times – you must avoid using digital devices at least an hour before going to bed, but what do we do now when nearly the entire day is spent in front of it? The blue light stimulates the area of the brain most active in our sleep cycles, and suppresses melatonin – the hormone that helps us fall asleep.

What measures can you take to battle screen-induced fatigue and rejuvenate? Here are 8 products that are must-haves if you experience any such issues –

1. Aferelle Anti-Glare Computer Protection Eye Glasses

These eye glasses have special blue ray cut lenses that are engineered to protect your eyes from damaging blue lights emitted by digital screens, as well as UV rays. Maximum protection is guaranteed at an affordable price!

₹ 549.00 – Buy Now.

2. Forito 15.6-inch Laptop Anti-Glare and Blue Light Protector Filter

What would be a better way to reduce our exposure to harmful light rays than blocking them at the root? That is exactly what this 2-pack filter would do for you! It blocks blue lights and eliminates glare, hence providing your eyes the best possible experience!

₹ 3,268.00 – Buy Now.

3. Green Cure Prosight Herbal Eye Drops

This is certified safe and suitable for all as it contains all natural, activated Ayurvedic extracts. With the goodness of turmeric, honey, triphala and rose, these eye drops are ideal for digital screen users because it helps eliminate dryness, fatigue and strain.

₹ 130.00 – Buy Now.

4. Biotique Bio Seaweed Revitalizing Anti Fatigue Eye Gel

Enriched with the goodness of many cooling, 100 percent natural herb extracts, this eye gel can help you get rid pesky dark circles caused by screen fatigue!

₹ 111.00 – Buy Now.

5. Bella Vita Organic Eyelift Under Eye Cream Gel

The cucumber, almond, jojoba oil, aloe vera, tulsi and Vitamin E extracts in this product makes it ideal for fighting screen fatigue and related symptoms. It is naturally cooling, soothing and helps to eliminate dark circles, puffiness, eye bags and tired under eyes.

₹ 299.00 – Buy Now.

6. The Moms Co. Natural Vita Rich Under Eye Cream with Massaging Roller

Enriched with organic chia seed oil, green tea, chamomile oil, coffee oils, avocado oil and shea butter, this product can make you under eyes look and feel great even after staring at screens all day! The special roller massages the cream into the skin, boosting blood circulation leading to healthy skin.

₹ 355.00 – Buy Now.

7. Vega Cucumber Gel Eye Mask

Cucumbers are known to rejuvenate the eyes, but why waste a good cucumber when you can have these cucumber gel eye masks available any time? They can be mildly cooled or even heated and used daily to soothe your eyes and reduce dryness, fatigue and irritation due to screen time.

₹ 185.00 – Buy Now.

8. Garnier Hydra Bomb Eye Serum Mask

This product is ideal for when you need an instant rejuvenating boost and deep nourishment for your under-eye area. These eye patches can significantly and visibly reduce dark circles, eye bags and puffiness in just 15 minutes!

₹ 89.00 – Buy Now.

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