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No matter what language you code in, programing is challenging. So how do you work on your programming skills while developing soft skills? The answer is virtual hackathons.

Virtual hackathons combine the learning process with socializing, networking, and having fun. This article shows you the best websites to find virtual hackathons where you can find like-minded people and challenge yourself.

What’s a Virtual Hackathon?

Despite the name, a hackathon doesn’t necessarily revolve around hacking or cybersecurity, although it can. Traditional hackathons are competitive events where programmers work on specific tech projects that test their problem-solving and coding prowess. 

A virtual hackathon works like a traditional hackathon but is hosted online, and people can register as long as they fulfill the requirements. For example, a company may host a virtual hackathon where competitors are tasked to develop an innovative solution to a problem or find a vulnerability in an app. These events promise rewards ranging from various tech products to substantial cash prizes. Despite being virtual, some hackathons have age or location restrictions.

The Benefits of Entering a Virtual Hackathon

A virtual hackathon isn’t just a competition where you earn rewards. Simply participating in one can be a learning experience and improve your skills as a programmer and developer.


Some events require you to join hackathon teams, thus meeting like-minded people and networking because many tech companies organize them to find recruits. You might even find experienced mentors willing to collaborate with you by the end of the hackathon. 

Team Building Skills

Developing your team-building skills is crucial, and participating in virtual hackathons can help hone these skills. Join a 24-hour no-sleep virtual hackathon. It will challenge you to focus on your communication and cooperation skills when under pressure. 

Resume Building

Virtual hackathons are the best place to be if you’re new in the tech field. Working with people from all corners of the world on time-sensitive projects will help you gain knowledge and experience faster than traditional methods. Impress your interviewers with the challenges you faced during these events and what you learned from them. 

Cash Prizes

You can earn thousands of dollars in a hackathon if you win and have the potential to make more if the host offers you additional opportunities.

Requirements to Join a Virtual Hackathon

Companies organize hackathons for beginners and professional programmers, and you can find one based on your qualifications and coding experience. 

Top Websites for Virtual Hackathons 

The websites listed below are reputable, offer great prizes, collaborate with giant tech companies like Microsoft and IBM, and offer diverse virtual hackathons for all skill levels. 

They also offer programming webinars, tutorials, event-planning advice, and real-time support from professionals.  

1. Devpost

Many organizers use Devpost to host their virtual hackathons. The platform is easy to use because of its excellent search system, where you can view upcoming events and filter them by online/in-person, interest, and host. There were nearly 60 active or upcoming hackathons when writing this article, and at least one of them offered $1 million in prizes.

Devpost is more than just a virtual hackathon hosting platform. You can also showcase your project through Devpost during a job interview.

2. Major League Hacking

While Major League Hacking partners with universities and high schools worldwide to host hackathons, you’ll also find virtual events open to anyone. The platform is also sponsored and supported by companies like Meta, so their name will carry weight when applying for a job in the tech industry.

Major League Hacking also helps hackers and programmers to find internships and full-time jobs. Go to the Careers & Internships section to view job postings.

3. Devfolio

Devfolio is a startup company from India that keeps track of interesting upcoming hackathons. Due to the pandemic, the site’s focus has shifted to virtual hackathons, and you’ll find plenty of options worldwide. The website has a friendly User Interface(UI), so search for your favorite hackathon themes and sign up.

Devfolio also helps organizers and mentors handle all on-site and virtual hackathons requirements. 

4. HackClub

HackClub specifically identifies hackathons that target high school students and allow them to represent their school, socialize, and get in touch with professionals from the biggest tech companies.

5. ChallengeRocket

ChallengeRocket collaborates with tech giants like Nvidia, Samsung, and Bosch to create diverse programming hackathons. If you’re a software engineer, you can join hackathons meant for your sector and evaluate your problem-solving and programming skills.

6. Eventbrite

Eventbrite is a platform for hosting and joining various events, not just hackathons. 

You can find programming classes, tech conferences, and online workshops. Use the site’s search system to filter by topic and find a virtual hackathon or other types of programming events.

7. Facebook Groups

Hackathon Hackers is a Facebook group of coders and developers, like you, who are interested in hackathons and communities for programmers. 

You can find many such public hackathon groups that share valuable insights. Group members also provide links to upcoming virtual hackathons. You might find what you’re looking for with minimal effort.    


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