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If you suffer from any of these symptoms … prepare for the worst.

Many do not think so, but it is clear that a smartphone is not a toy. In a mobile phone we keep a multitude of private information such as contacts, emails, photographs, passwords and bank accounts, so just as we do not leave the door of our house or car unlocked, we should not have our mobile phone unprotected either.

Not surprisingly, today’s phones are still small computers that fit in the palm of our hand and in the same way that a computer can be hacked, the same can happen to a mobile terminal.

Android security guide: make your mobile as secure as possible

For all of it be careful if your smartphone has any of these symptoms since it is possible that someone is spying on you or they have hacked you.

Phone battery drains faster than normal

IF your smartphone’s battery drains fast … be careful

Although in most cases it is due to some applications running in the background, it is also possible that the battery is running down faster than normal because your smartphone has been hacked.

For that very reason and before being alarmed, it is best to check how many applications are running in the background. If there aren’t too many and the battery drains quickly, we could have a problem.

There are applications that you do not remember downloading

Are there any new apps that you don’t remember downloading? Either you drank more alcohol the night before than you could handle or it is possible that your device may be infected.

And there is malware that installs unwanted applications on our smartphones this being a serious danger to our safety.

Advertising and pop-ups everywhere

Android malware is more and more prevalent

Surely one of the clearest signs. If using your smartphone pop-ups, pop-ups or all kinds of advertising appear, this is most likely due to adware or malware.

Our advice is that you never click on these links and that you follow this tutorial to get rid of this type of “virus”.

The smartphone works really slow

Installing a flashlight app on your Android is definitely as dangerous as it is stupid

Another sign that our smartphone is infected or a hacker has accessed it, is that suddenly it works really slow. This may be because there is some malicious software that is acting in the background and therefore consuming resources and energy from the mobile device.

The mobile device gets hotter than normal

If we use a smartphone for a few hours either to play games, watch series or browse social networks, the most logical thing is that it gets hot. However, what is not normal is that the phone heats up when we are not using it..

If this is so, we may have malware installed and running in the background. If in addition to heating up, the phone is also slow (previous point), it is most likely that our device has been infected by a hacker.

Of course that your smartphone has any of these symptoms does not mean that it is infected but you already know prevention is better than cure. The other question is: is an antivirus on Android worth it? Really, no, you don’t have to worry about viruses on Android. Simply, you must use the mobile phone with caution, as with any other electronic device

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