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In the mid-2010s, we saw the rise of VoIP software—with Discord in particular taking this market by storm.

Originally intended to be for gamers, it has evolved to be more than a gaming lounge; you can find a community for every facet of life imaginable. However, Discord still has its flaws—and here are five reasons you might want to reconsider using it.

1. Discord’s Free Version Has Upload Limits

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For avid Discord users, the most annoying feature is the meager upload limit. The free version of Discord offers an 8MB upload limit.

Although this upload limit increases to 50MB if you subscribe to Discord Nitro, it’s still a major issue for those of us who regularly use Discord. You can choose to compress the file, but that option will considerably deteriorate the image quality.

You can also opt for the Always Compress Images option to ensure that your file goes through even if it exceeds the 8MB upload limit. But this feature comes with a limitation: you can’t compress a file or an image greater than 200MB.

You can also choose to Auto-compress Images. For that, head off to User Settings > Text & Images and make sure the toggle is on. Again, though, this feature has its own limitation; you can only enjoy crystal-clear images if you are a Nitro user.

2. The Free Version Has Limited Functionality

Another reason you might want to think about using a Discord alternative is that its free version is a little limited. From a below-par audio quality of 64kbps to limited customizability options, many users find that they’re better off elsewhere.

Here are a few of the free version’s limitations:

  • Limited go-live streaming: The free version of Discord only offers video streaming up to 720p at 30 FPS.
  • Personalized servers: You can only customize your URL and add an avatar if you are a Discord Nitro user.
  • No server boosts: Server boosts on Discord can temporarily upgrade your server, but they’re only available if you opt for a paid monthly subscription for Discord Nitro.

3. Security Issues

When using social media, security should be your primary concern. Unfortunately, though, Discord has failed its users in this respect on more than one occasion.

Discord has been linked with several security issues in the past. Several incidences of phishing and ransomware, for example, have taken place on the platform.

Because of cybersecurity threats, many users have deleted their accounts and moved onto platforms they feel are more secure.

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4. You Must Provide a Phone Number

If privacy is your thing, you won’t be happy to find out that you cannot sign up for Discord without a personal phone number.

Discord began deleting accounts without linked phone numbers in 2019. And if you’re locked out of your account, you must have this to get back into the platform.

Many users on Discord’s forums have cited privacy-related concerns as a reason for not giving their number. Meanwhile, others have expressed their annoyance at not being able to get into their account again without a phone number.

5. Discord Might Remove Your Account Without Warning

When you use any social media platform, you’re at their mercy; they could remove your account for any reason they see fit. With Discord, this is no different.

When Discord deactivates your account, you’re allowed to file a complaint. However, doing so isn’t a guarantee that you’ll get it back.

If you choose to use Discord, keep this reality in mind—and consider what you’ll do if your account is removed forever.

Tired of Discord? There Are Many Other Options to Choose From

Discord is a great platform for meeting like-minded people, but it has its fair share of problems. From security risks to free version limitations, it’s understandable if you’ve decided that you want to look elsewhere.

If you’re fed up of using Discord, you’ll find plenty of platforms with better audio, security, and video. Give them a try to see which works best for you.

The 7 Best Discord Alternatives

Discord is great, but it’s always a good idea to have a backup app in case something goes wrong. Here are our top picks for Discord alternatives.

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