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Building on 100 years of innovation, The Raymond Corporation is committed to delivering tools and programs to maximize efficiency, boost productivity, and increase facility and operator well-being every day. New advancements in education — including e-learning and virtual reality (VR) instruction — have been revolutionary tools for material handling operations to boost operational efficiency and instill confidence in both new and seasoned operators. Investing in intelligent solutions and prioritizing employee training are key to creating an effective work environment. In honor of National Forklift Safety Day, here are three tips to help you achieve a culture of continuous improvement. 

1. Invest in Upfront Training to Prepare Operators.

Training is key to ensuring the security and efficiency of your operation. Raymond helps customers take meaningful action by optimizing operations with technologies and training solutions that, together, help reinforce operator best practices. Using principles of Lean Management to fully understand each facility, incorporating VR learning tools, and training workers are all part of Raymond’s full suite of solutions. 

Raymond’s award-winning Virtual Reality Simulator is a flexible, scalable teaching tool that uses the latest immersive technology to quickly increase new operator proficiency and continually expand operator skills for reduced turnover. The VR Simulator uses VR instructional tools to help operators reach higher proficiency levels faster and feel more confident before reaching the warehouse floor.

A valuable addition to your education program is Raymond’s Safety On The Move®, a comprehensive, modular, online operator training program that introduces best practices for warehouse environments to help protect employees, equipment, and materials while complying with OSHA requirements. 

2. Optimize Processes to Ensure Standard Practices. 

Lean Management philosophies can help operations systematically improve efficiency and quality by identifying and eliminating waste in time, materials, and processes. Raymond Lean Management focuses on waste reduction through visualization, standardized work, target-based key performance indicators, and activities that make continuous improvements to increase productivity.

Additionally, the Raymond Steps To Safety: Pedestrian Safety in a Material Handling Environment training program assists in teaching pedestrians best practices in environments where lift trucks are in operation, emphasizing the importance of operators and pedestrians working together to create a safe environment. 

3. Leverage Connected Technology to Improve and Reinforce Operator Behavior.  

Using advanced technology solutions to connect people and equipment can guide decisions that determine which process and operational improvements are best for operations. Telematics and integrated intralogistics solutions can provide valuable information to help operations increase productivity by identifying inefficient asset allocations; providing visibility into operator behavior; and giving managers a comprehensive view into their entire operation. Raymond’s iWAREHOUSE® Real-Time Location System offers enhanced efficiency and productivity by restricting and controlling the movements of lift trucks, personnel, and assets in your warehouse through geofencing, zoning, and tracking capabilities. 

Measure Success; Celebrate Accomplishments

Inspiring all employees to be accountable is crucial for achieving a productive work environment. As a proud supporter of National Forklift Safety Day, we want to reinforce that prioritizing employee education and training is key to creating a safe work environment for your entire organization.

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