$24 min. wage, hack Chinese websites, free pre-K | #government | #hacking | #cyberattack

HENDERSONVILLE – Together for the first time since the ballot was set for Western North Carolina’s U.S. House race, Democrats proposed boosts to the minimum wage, student loan forgiveness and ideas for combating opioids — including hacking Chinese websites — in their bids to reach the general election.

Four of the six Democrats, who signed up for the 11th District primary, took part in the March 23 forum by the Young Democrats of Henderson County, which included a straw poll. Winning the poll with 31 votes was Katie Dean, followed by Jasmine Beach-Ferrara with 17 votes, Jay Carey with 13 and Bo Hess with 6.  

Marco Gutierrez, who was absent, got one vote, while Bynum M. Lunsford, who was also not at the forum, didn’t get any votes.

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