15-20 Indians want to leave Ukraine, being provided all help: MEA | #cybersecurity | #cyberattack

Asked about the three Indians evacuated recently via Moscow from Ukraine’s southern region of Kherson, he said the focus is on evacuating Indians and any route could be taken for that.

He said there are some more people in Kherson that the ministry is aware of and if they want to take this route that was taken and it remains open, it can be tried.

“Many people have said the Operation Ganga has come to an end. It is not so. Those who want to be evacuated, we are helping them through our embassy operating from Warsaw (in Poland),” the MEA spokesperson said.

Meanwhile, asked about his reaction to criticism of India in Pakistan on the movie, “The Kashmir Files”, Bagchi replied, “I don’t react to it, it is a movie made, people are free to comment on it. It shows developments in our country that happened over a certain point of time. I am not even sure it is a foreign policy issue on which I need to comment.”

“Pakistan makes various allegations which on almost all occasions are either not correct or completely unfounded or are interference in our internal affairs. I have not seen the specific comment so I am not going to comment on that,” he said.

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