11-Year-Old Boy Learns Hacking Tips From YouTube, Demands Rs 10 Crore From Father As Ransom | #cybersecurity | #cyberattack

In a shocking incident, an 11-year-old Ghaziabad boy who apparently learnt hacking tips from YouTube made an extortion call to his father and demanded a heavy ransom of Rs 10 crore. He further warned him that if his demand is not met, he would go ahead and circulate his obscene pictures and his family’s personal details online. Also Read – Google Launches New VPN to Protect Users From Hacking Via Public Wi-fi Networks

According to a report by India Today, the incident came to light after the Ghaziabad resident approached the police after getting the extortion call. He told the police that a group of hackers who hacked his email have warned that they would circulate his obscene pictures if their demands are not met.

Claiming that his email ID was hacked by cybercriminals on January 1, the man further said that the hackers changed his email ID’s password and mobile number by resetting the number. He then received a mail and was asked to pay up the hefty amount. Not only that, he also alleged that the hackers were continuously harassing his family.

When the police started their investigations, something really shocking came to the fore. It was found out that the IP address was of the complainant’s house itself, making it abundantly clear that the threat email was sent by someone from his family. With the crucial clue in hand, the police started interrogating the family members during which the complainant’s 11-year-old son confessed to the crime.

The minor boy, who is a Class 5 student told police that he learnt about cybercrime and how to avoid getting caught, online. He also watched a lot of YouTube videos to master his skill and ended up sending the extortion email to his father.

A case was later registered under various sections of the IPC, including criminal intimidation, insulting modesty of a woman and intentional insult to provoke breach of peace, and section 66D of the IT Act in Ghaziabad. Further probe is on.

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