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Looking back on the 90’s movies It’s always fun From the middle of the cheesy action movie era How bad was some of the CGI at the time? One thing that is often overlooked is how these movies have become stupid about the internet and computers.It was new, but many movies Now in full doomsday mode about it.

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The internet was taking over our lives and trying to put them at risk. Hacking also has this appeal, which makes it look more attractive than it really is. Besides being able to order pizza online The 90’s was rarely right About the computer age.

Ten I thought I could travel back in time on the internet on the 13th floor

The· 13th floor Is a hard-to-explain movie, and at its peak in the 90’s, the movie didn’t know how the Internet and virtual reality work. It begins with Douglas Hall being accused of murder and having to travel to Los Angeles’ 1937 virtual reality to find out who the real murderer is.

The 1999 edition of Los Angeles, where only he realized he was actually a program and thought he was real, is also virtual.Then the movie Introducing the form of time travel And a program that takes over people’s bodies.

9 Virtual reality games can’t boost a person’s intelligence like Lone Mauerman

Overall concept of Lone Mauerman It is off the rail. For some reason, I thought this movie would help virtual reality improve a person’s cognitive function until it grows smarter. Not surprisingly, they try to prove this point by using it with the mentally retarded groundsman Jobe Smith.

The test will work, Jobe grows intelligently beyond understanding Then end the movie that merges with the mainframe to become cybernetics. It was a concept that didn’t make sense at the time, and now it doesn’t make much sense.

8 Brainscan involved a computer game that could mind-control you to actually commit murder

Violent games have been a hot topic in the media for years and have always been endorsed as the cause of violence and the reason children are insensitive to violence. Brain scan We adopted that concept and implemented it. Michael Brower has a new game that should be the peak of horror. Eventually it happened because the murder he committed in the game actually happened.

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The game seems to control his mind, pulling out his evil side and forcing him to murder. Some look like demons called tricksters that can come out of the TV, ring style.

7 Hacking top secret files is not a breeze movie like a hacker

Movies have a bad habit of pretending that everything in the world is hacked in just a few minutes. Nothing is completely secure, but top secret government files are much harder to obtain than the average person’s computer.

hacker That’s not the only movie that made this mistake, at least because they made the protagonist a group of skilled hackers rather than the average Joe. It’s still ridiculous that they can do things easily, and they rarely encounter any obstacles other than the police chasing them.

6 Hacking a hacker won’t take you into the world of data skyscrapers

movies hacker Maybe it was a PSA about how cool the hack was. Not only did all the characters look like the typical rebellious youth of the era, but the movie made hacking look much more interesting.

In reality, hacking is just staring at a line of code and a lot of input. This movie seemed like you were zooming in cyberspace with a lot of data skyscrapers around you. It seemed that hackers were taken to a completely different world.

Five You can’t upload data files to our brain like Johnny Mnemonic

Johnny Monic Is a movie with lots of plausible ideas a century later, not to mention the decades it adopted. In the movie version of 2021, everything is done by the virtual internet, allowing people like mnemonics to carry information via data chips embedded in their brains.

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Obviously it didn’t happen, but it’s a strange future that Johnny introduced a pretty interesting scene where he had to hack his mind to extract information.

Four There is no way to rotate the image to see the other side like a national enemy

As far as 90’s tech movies are concerned National enemy It’s one of the best movies. This is one of Will Smith’s finest films, following his character Bobby Dean trying to overtake the governments watching him around the world.It’s a great big brother-style story fixed by the presence of Smith A very likable character..

That said, it makes the mistake of having the wrong scene on many levels. One is a computer that allows you to see a still image and rotate it to see the other side. This is impossible in any century. You can’t build something that isn’t there.

3 Artificial intelligence cannot escape through a computer like Virtuosity

Virtuosity It’s a movie that didn’t fully understand how computers and programs work. Assist with using virtual reality Training police officers is something that might be a reality, but the way it is done in this movie is ridiculous. Sid 6.7 is a program created from the heart of many serial killers.

That incredibility is only exacerbated when the program escapes cyberspace and reaches our reality. Needless to say, this is impossible and makes a stupid movie that wastes the talents of the two great actors.

2 Hackers can’t hijack satellites and threaten the whole world like under siege 2.

Hacking is one of the things that never worked in the 90’s.They praised it and made it look incredibly cool like hacker, Or they are far beyond the realm of possibilities.

Runaway Limited Express 2 In the latter example, a former government-employed hacker controls a supersatellite called the Grazer One, endangering essentially the entire world from the safety of his keyboard. Hackers can do so many things, but threatening the world with military weapons is not one of them.

1 There is no top secret black box that can get into the system people want

MacGuffin isn’t new, it was part of the film during the decade before the 90’s, and it’s still there. At least in the 90’s, there was an excuse to think that there would be a small black box in the future that could control everything. it’s not.

There is no magical “I win” button that the country is afraid to fall into the wrong hands, as in the movie sneakers And others like it.

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