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Sailing Solo in Sea of Thieves can be a nerve-wracking experience. Here’s a look at some common mistakes players make when taking to the seas alone.

Sailing in Sea of Thieves is challenging with an entire crew, and setting sail alone is even more hectic. Solo pirates have to constantly multitask to ensure they will reach their destination safely. Because many players are used to having the support of other crewmates, they often make avoidable mistakes in the solo sloop.

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Gamers new to Sea of Thieves or new to solo sailing should try not to make the below mistakes while at sea. Many of the common errors made by solo pirates are easily avoidable, and sailors will have a much better experience if they heed the advice in this article. Sailing alone is not simple, but it can be done with the right tactics.

10 Insufficient Preparation

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Pirates that solo sloop need to take the time to prepare before setting sail. Every trading post has enough loot for solo sailors to survive an encounter with another ship. Players should always loot every barrel near the docks before lifting the anchor. Solo sailors that have wood, cannonballs, and food will be ready for any situation they may find themselves in while at sea.

9 Leaving The Lights On

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At night, it is extremely easy to spot another ship if the lanterns are lit on top of the ship’s hull. Players only need to put out five lanterns on their ship to make it nearly invisible at night. By failing to turn off the lanterns, solo players indicate both their exact location and their skill level.

8 Equipping Reaper’s Flag

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Unless solo sailors want to get involved in PVP as soon as they set sail, gamers should never equip the reaper’s flag. The flag is essentially a beacon that highlights the location of the sailor’s ship. The same principle applies to carrying reapers chests. Solo players need to avoid conflict with opposing pirates to complete missions and secure coins for their efforts.

7 Adjusting Sails Without Steering

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Multitasking is crucial when setting sail alone. There are a number of tasks every player must complete to successfully set sail and reach a destination. Players that solo sloop should be able to change sail length while controlling the direction of the ship. Captains that fail to do so will be drawn off course or crash into one of the many obstacles in Sea of Thieves.

6 Failing to Check Trading Companies At The Outpost

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Every player can check to see if there are other pirates on their server before lifting the anchor. By going to every trading company, solo gamers can get an idea of how many players there are in the open ocean near the post.

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If there are other pirates in the area, it is probably a good idea to load up some cannonballs and play with increased awareness. Reapers Bones Emissaries are notorious for seeking out PVP battles, so solo gamers should be aware of them specifically.

5 Shooting At A Skeleton Ship

Sea Of Thieves Skeleton Ship

Sea Of Thieves players should never shoot at a skeleton ship, unless they want to fight. Skeleton ships will appear randomly and may take a few shots at the player’s ship. However, if the solo sailor just lowers the sail and keeps heading toward their destination, the skeleton ship will leave them alone.

4 Minding The Heath Bar

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This may seem like an obvious tip, but it is imperative that solo sailors keep their health bar full. Yes, solo gamers will respawn if they are killed, but they will lose their ship and everything on it. Players that solo sloop do not have the luxury of having a teammate to repair the boat or secure the loot before scuttling a ship. Lone pirates should always have food on them to be prepared for any situation while at sea.

3 Not Checking For Tuckers

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There are a number of areas on the solo sloop that are easily boarded by tuckers. Solo players should always keep an eye out for sneaky pirates that will try to catch causal players off guard. A quick minute or two check of the ship will help to ensure no one is hitching a free ride. Tuckers are patient, and they will wait until the small ship has something worth taking.

2 Leaving The Ship Unattended

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Leaving a ship idle without being able to see it for extended periods is definitely one of the worst things a solo sailor can do. Players will spend an hour on a quest just to find that their skulls, loot, and ship are nowhere to be seen. Limiting the amount of time sailors leave their ship out of eyesight is important when completing multiple quests. It may be a hassle, but pirates should always sell their loot as quick as possible to secure the coins for their hard work.

1 Sailing Without A Rowboat

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The rowboat may seem like a gimmicky feature, but it can bail out pirates that are going to lose their ship. Solo sailors can just pick up their chests and loot, place them on the rowboat, and be on their way. The rowboat is nowhere near as quick and efficient as the sloop, but it can be handy in a tricky situation. Pirates can find rowboats on many of the islands in the game, and they should always have one on their ship.

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