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With every generation of Pokémon comes a new region for fans to explore. Whether it be from playing the video games or watching the anime, there are brand new settings that reveal more about the franchise’s world. However, not all of these places are shown in each type of media fans can experience the series in.

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Throughout the anime, Ash, Pikachu, and the rest of their friends have gone to many places that were not put into the games, making their journey a much bigger one. These are ten of the settings they found themselves in that were not included in the games that took place in Hoenn.

10 Togepi Paradise

togepi paradise from pokemon anime

Togepi Paradise was shown in the episode, “A Togepi Mirage!” After being attacked by Colonel Hansen, Misty’s Togepi teleported the pokémon trainers to Togepi Paradise. There, they learned that Hansen was corrupting the place and wanted to become its king. Through his corruption, he caused the Togepi there to feel sick. They gave Misty’s Togepi their power, causing it to evolve into Togetic. Together, they defeated Hansen and saved their home. Togetic decided to stay at Togepi Paradise to help protect its kind, leaving Misty and the other trainers.

9 Oldale Ruins

Oldale Ruins From The Pokemon Anime

Oldale Ruins appeared in the episode, “A Ruin with A View”. In the episode, Ash and May met Professor Alden, who told them about this location. However, in order to get inside, one would need four keys. Team Magma forced Professor Alden to grant them access to the Oldale Ruins. However, when they got there, they quickly lost interest as there did not seem to be anything important inside. If they had waited a little longer, however, they would have found the secret entrance that led Alden to find Relicanth.

8 Forina

An Overhead Image of Forina

Pokémon: Jirachi-Wish Maker is one of the franchise’s many movies and takes place in Forina. Butler, a former Team Magma member, and his girlfriend, Diane, took Jirachi in hopes that they could use it to summon Groudon from the dead.

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However, they actually made a monster that only took the form of Groudon. This monster began eating people and pokémon. Jirachi defeated the monster and everyone that was consumed came back to life.

7 Banana Slakoth Garden

A Snorlax In The Slakoth Garden

The Banana Slakoth Garden is a tourist attraction from the episode, “The Garden of Eatin'”. When Ash and the other pokémon trainers went there, they encountered a Snorlax. This Snorlax ate most of the Slakoth’s bananas, causing them to hide their remaining food and stay away from the Snorlax. By helping a Slakoth evolve into Vigoroth and fight Snorlax, the trainers were able to restore the Banana Slakoth Garden, now known as the Banana Slakoth and Vigoroth Garden, to how it is supposed to be.

6 Rubello Town

Rubello Town In The Pokemon Anime

Rubello Town was the main setting in “A Fan with a Plan” and “Cruisin’ for a Losin'” in which May entered a Pokémon Contest against Drew and Savannah. Unfortunately for May, she did not make it to the finals and was a sore loser, putting her Bulbasaur in danger. After realizing what she had done, she apologized to Bulbasaur while Drew won the Pokémon Contest. May learned an important lesson in what it takes to win, causing her to become a better trainer.

5 Purika City

Overhead Image of Purika Contest Hall

Another episode in which May entered a Pokémon Contest was “A Cacturne for the Worse”, which took place in Purika City. She met another trainer, Harley, who she quickly became enemies with. For calling his Cacturne “scary” and not enjoying his cookies as much as he had hoped, Harley tried to sabotage May’s performance and embarrass her. However, she overcame everything he threw at her and won the contest.

4 Bomba Island

Bomba Island In The Anime

In the episode, “Judgement Day!”, the trainers accidentally arrived at Bomba Island. There, they met Jimmy, who was training to become a referee. However, Jimmy didn’t feel like he was meant to be a referee. He thought that everything that led to his training was an accident.

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He also was not good at it as he practiced while Ash and Brock fought and made a false call. Serena, his teacher, convinced Jimmy to follow his true goal of being a trainer.

3 A-B-C Islands

ABC-Islands In The Anime

Bomba Island was not the only island that Ash and his friends went to. In the episode, “The Evolutionary War!”, the trainers traveled to the A-B-C Islands. There, they met with Professor Birch, who was studying how some Clamperl evolve into Huntail while others evolve into Gorebyss. During his research, he and the trainers met two groups of children that were fighting over which evolved form of Clamperl was superior. Throughout the episode, they learned that both of them are great.

2 Foothill Town

Foothill-Town In The Pokemon Anime

In “Delcatty Got Your Tongue”, Ash’s Torkoal accidentally hurt May’s Skitty, causing the trainers to go to a clinic. There, May realized that Dr. Abby was a Pokémon Coordinator. Shortly after, Team Rocket tried to kidnap May’s Skitty and Abby’s Delcatty. However, the two pokémon were able to escape and joined with their trainers, who defeated Team Rocket. Dr. Abby became a good role model for May to follow.

1 LaRousse City

LaRousse City From Pokemon Anime

Like Forina, LaRousse City appeared in one of the Pokémon movies. It is the setting of Pokémon: Destiny Deoxys. After Deoxys was discovered by Professor Lund and his son, Tory, Rayquaza attacked the new pokémon and the humans retreated. As a result of what he witnessed, Tory grew a fear for the pocket monsters until he met the trainers. As they tried to help Tory face his fears, Deoxys and Rayquaza got into another fight. Throughout the battle, Tory actually learned that pokémon were not as scary as he had believed.

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